Aura Healing

The Aura Healing Class is a professional level healing class given in two full days designed with both the novice and professional therapist/healer in mind. Participants shall be introduced to the nature of the aura and will be provided with a practical set of tools, disciplines, and practice for performing healings of the aura. Many maladies, illnesses, and dysfunctional behavior arise from issues that are either resident in the aura or are reflected within the aura. By utilizing the techniques and guidance provided in the Aura Healing Class, the participant shall acquire the capability and confidence to perform healing of the aura and thereby also provide healing to the related issues and problems within the individual. This class has been designed for those individuals who have completed the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes (the Foundation Class, Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class, the Psychic Energy Flow System - from Healing to Alchemy Class, and the Focal Point Class).

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In the Aura Healing Class participants learn about the aura through direct experience. It is “learning by doing”. The participants work both with their own aura and with that of a partner. The tools introduced and developed in the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes, such as roses and inner plane tools such as wands and circles, are used to investigate the aura and experience how one may influence an aura. For instance, participants experience setting their auras to different colors and qualities and subjectively experience the effects of doing this. In partner work, one individual set his or her aura in a certain manner, and another examines the changes. 

Within fhe Aura Healing Class, the different problems that may occur with or in an aura shall be discussed. These include issues with the aura itself such as:
     ⦿   holes;
     ⦿   rips & tears; 
     ⦿   cracks;
     ⦿   whacks;
issues between individuals such as:
     ⦿   merged auras; 
     ⦿   chords; 
issues with energy such as:
     ⦿   stuck energy;  
     ⦿   frozen energy;
 general issues with etheric body level pictures such as:
     ⦿   stuck pictures;
     ⦿   frozen pictures;
     ⦿   charged pictures;
     ⦿   foreign pictures; 
     ⦿   magically charged pictures;
special issues derived from pictures such as:
     ⦿   energy blocks;
     ⦿   shields; 
     ⦿   screens; 
     ⦿   symbols; 
     ⦿   masks;
special types of pictures issues such as:
     ⦿   unworthiness pictures;
     ⦿   guilt pictures;
     ⦿   fear pictures;
     ⦿   death pictures;
intrusions into the aura such as;
     ⦿   machines;
     ⦿   foreign pictures;
     ⦿   thought-forms;
     ⦿   elementals;
     ⦿   elementaries;
     ⦿   entities.

There exist countless techniques for healing the different issues and problems within an aura. Some are highly effective in healing the entirety of the aura while others address a specific issue. Some essentially employ Spiritual Healing in which the entire healing process is performed by a healing guide or other intelligence while other methods employ Psychic Healing in which the healer specifically directs the healing procedure. Some healers and methods use a combination of techniques. 

In this Aura Healing Class, the participants shall gain experience using a few different types of healing. Participants shall employ techniques that provide global healing to the aura and other methods that specifically work on a particular, identified issue. The participants shall mostly use inner plane magical tools Angels of High Magic in performing the healings. The use of inner plane tools is analogous to the methodology that was used in the Focal Point Class, and more thoroughly developed in the High Magic Class. Specific healing techniques, such as those used for releasing the charge on a highly charged picture, releasing frozen energy, healing holes, and unmerging merged auras shall use this methodology. The participants shall also gain experience using various spiritual healing methods such as:
     ⦿   using a healing guide to heal an aura;
     ⦿   utilizing a charged crystal for healing;
     ⦿   utilizing a healing source - the crystal of Lemuria - that operates through the crystal to 
                   perform the healing;
     ⦿   using a sonic device like a rattle to perform the healing;
     ⦿   employing Ki to be channeled through the rattle; and
     ⦿   allowing a spirit to work through the rattle.

The predominant form of healing in the Aura Healing Class employs the use of the inner-plane magical tools under the direction of the Angels of High Magic. The following tools shall be used:
     ⦿   the Magic Circle (or Cosmic Cross) for defining space;
     ⦿   the Magic Shield for protecting a space;
     ⦿   the Magic Lantern for showing what needs to be worked on;
     ⦿   the Magic Mirror to assist in seeing;
     ⦿   the Magic Wand for moving pictures, releasing charge from pictures, and in healing the aura;
     ⦿   the Magic Sword for destroying foreign objects and for performing energetic surgery;
     ⦿   the Magic Cup filled with healing elixir for healing,
     ⦿   the Magic Caldron for purification of charge and transmuting foreign energy and material.
Upon completion of this class, the participants shall have an expanded view of the possible uses of the inner-plane magical tools.

The healing of a number of issues require a multiple step approach, in essence a procedure. Examples of these that is included in the Aura Healing Class are: 
     ⦿   Healing Holes in the Aura;
     ⦿   Destroying a Machine, including a Cloaked Machine;
     ⦿   Removing Foreign Pictures from the Past Life Aura;
     ⦿   Separating Merged Auras;
     ⦿   Releasing Guilt Pictures;
     ⦿   Clearing Shields and Masks.

One of the greatest gifts from partaking in the Aura Healing Class is the amount and degree of healing that each participant of the class receives during the class. Many issues that have unknowingly been carried, often for many years, receive deep healing. Participants in previous classes have received healings which had a profound effect, not just in their own lives but also in their relationships. And what better gift than to not only acquire the capacity to perform aura healings and performing these healing on fellow participants in the Aura Healing Class, but also to receiving healing and obtain support in one's own journey.

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