Spiritual Protection

The Spiritual Protection Class is a somewhat advanced class, given as a three full days, created for individuals having a general interest in Spiritual Protection, for those who may have a special need for Spiritual Protection in their life, and for professional healers and energy workers who wish to add to their capabilities so as to better meet the needs of their clients. This class has been designed for those individuals who have completed the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes (the Foundation Class, Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class, the Psychic Energy Flow System - from Healing to Alchemy Class, and the Focal Point Class) or can show a basic competency in the material of these classes. It is also recommended that the participant has also completed the High Magic Class

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he Spiritual Protection Class provides the participants with the tools, techniques and inner plane connections to enable the capacity of protecting one’s personal space, objects, and physical space (like bedroom or house) from malevolent or intruding outside influences. These influences may be minor in nature, or quite powerful. Spiritual Protection may be needed if an individual has been subjected to malevolent influences, or it may be employed to prevent such influences from having an effect. 

Malevolent and intruding influences, often termed psychic attacks, may come from a variety of sources. They may arise in the physical - etheric realms or they may come from the subtle realms such as the astral plane. They may come directly from people or arise from non-physical entities. They may be empowered by emotional or mental powers, or they may be more sophisticated employing well thought out metaphysical principles and powers. 

Spiritual Protection is designed to be used when the consciousness behind the attack, whether it be person or spirit, is external to the individual's space or the physical space to be protected. Should there be an intruding spirit or aspect of a person within one's personal space, perhaps even in ownership of some aspect of the individual, or within a physical space such a house, then other methods need to be used. If some aspect of a person has entered into another individual, then transmedium healing should be employed. This can be performed using spiritual tools as presented in the High Magic Class or metaphysical force fields may be employed as presented in Spiritual and Magical Uses of Force Fields Class. If some form of entity has entered into some aspect of the individual, an object, or a physical space, then other methods, such as presented in the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness or House & Geomantic Healing would be more appropriate. If an individual has received some level of damage because of an psychic or metaphysical attack, then spiritual healing may need to be employed. Dealing with the karma relating to the potential source of psychic and metaphysical attack, though important, is not covered in this class, but in another. 

The Spiritual Protection Class provides various methods, techniques, and tools to perform Spiritual Protection. A variety of approaches is required to deal with different types of situations. Secondly, the individual who is under a psychic or metaphysical attack may, for various reasons - past life or other, may harmonize better with some tools or methods than other. Third, the spiritual healer may also be more attuned to certain tools and techniques. It is advised that the participant practice the different techniques, but use those which prove most valuable, possibly leaving the others to a future time when the course of destiny brings the individual to a new station, or the demands of a client require additional methods.

The whole area of  Spiritual Protection is quite ancient, going back to prehistoric times. It is also multicultural, as most spiritual practices and religions from all parts of the world utilize some form of Spiritual Protection, even it appears to be merely a child's prayer before going to sleep.   

The material contained in this class has been derived from a wide variety of sources. Some are quite classic, such as from Dion Fortune's book "Psychic Self Defense"; some have been acquired through classes and remain unpublished; while others have been developed by Joseph Holzer. What is somewhat unique in this class is that even though many of the tools and methods may be classic, they may be applied through the Angels of High Magic or through the use of inner plane magical tools created by the Angels of High Magic. By using the Angels of High Magic, the practices are brought to a higher level of consciousness and may exhibit a more powerful effect. 

The Spiritual Protection Class covers the following topics:
     ⦿  Protecting Personal Space;
     ⦿  Disempowering the Source of an Attack;
     ⦿  Cleansing and Purifying
     ⦿  Protection for a Journey;
     ⦿  Cleansing & Protecting an Object;
     ⦿  Protecting a Physical Space.

The following items are covered in the Protecting Personal Space;
     ⦿  Protecting Personal Space - Protection Roses;
     ⦿  Magical Shields;
     ⦿  Protection from Psychic Attack Using Cold Iron Consecrated by Thor;
     ⦿  Supramental Filter Force Field and Absorption Force Field;
     ⦿  The Five-Pointed Star Elemental;
     ⦿  The Six-Pointed Star Elemental;
     ⦿  Creating a Lightening Rod Man;
     ⦿  Body of Glass;
     ⦿  Protection from Domination through Gazing;
     ⦿  Sheet of Glass;
     ⦿  Magical Spell for Protection;
     ⦿  Dissolving Magical Spells & Spell Annihilation using Counter Spells;
     ⦿  Magical Talisman (& Amulets) for Protection.

The following items are covered in the Disempowering the Source of an Attack;
     ⦿  Disempowering the Source of an Attack - Calling Back Energy;
     ⦿  Dissolving Prior Creations; Magically
     ⦿  Drawing Out Our Life Force from a “Substitution” or “Witness” Object;
     ⦿  Releasing Chords with Sword and Torch.

The following items are covered in the Cleansing and Purifying;
     ⦿  Water, Salt, & Bath;
     ⦿  Smudging;
     ⦿  Onion, Garlic, & Rosemary

The following items are covered in the Protection for a Journey;
     ⦿  Special Mudras for Cutting the Ki of Negative Influences;
     ⦿  Blessing a Journey - Providing Protection on a Journey.

The following items are covered in the Cleansing & Protecting an Object;
     ⦿  Cleansing & Protecting an Object - Discharging Charge and Magnetism;
     ⦿  Warding an Object Using a Protective Sign;
     ⦿  Supramental Filter Force Field for an Object.

The following items are covered in the Protecting a Physical Space;
     ⦿  Protecting a Physical Space - Protection Roses for a Space;
     ⦿  Warding a Space;
     ⦿  Magical Circle for Protecting a Space;
     ⦿  Running Water Barriers;
     ⦿  Protecting a Sleeping Space - Method 1;
     ⦿  Protecting a Sleeping Space - Method 2;
     ⦿  Creating a Household Guardian;
     ⦿  Using the Five-Pointed Star for Sealing a Room;
     ⦿  Supramental Filter Force Field and Absorption Force Field for Protecting a Space.

One's practice of  Spiritual Protection evolves and develops with time and use. The basis is presented in the class; however, an individual's knowledge and capacity in this area requires practice and use. By nature, some spiritual healers are drawn to more deeply to work in this area, and likewise some individual healers will attract clients in great need of Spiritual Protection. This may fully be due to intentions established prior to incarnation and agreements established in prior lives. Nevertheless, given the nature of the universe in which we livc, it is advisable that any individual pursuing the path of being a spiritual healer of spiritual teacher develop a level of expertise in Spiritual Protection.

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