Mens & Intuïtie:  Stovestraat 25, 3811 KA Amersfoort

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Mens & Intuïtie is located on the ground floor at the corner of Stovestraat and Muurhuizen in the old city of Amersfoort. It quite easy to reach both by public transportation and by car; however, within the old city walls, parking must be in a parking garage for a fee. There are however a few handicap parking spots available within the city walls. Outside the old city walls, there are metered parking spots and free parking in the resident parking areas after hours. Please consult the city’s parking website at parking service.nl for more information related to parking. Amersfoort is easily reached by train; train schedules may be viewed at: NS website. Mens & Intuïtie is then a 15-20 minute walk from the train station. Additionally, bus service is available to bus stop Blekerseiland via numerous busses (5, 6, 8, 80, 102) from which Mens & Intuïtie is but a 3-4 minute walk. You may refer to website 9292 for bus schedules. You may also view information related to Mens & Intuïtie at their website at: Mens & Intuitie.


                            ON BEING A GENUINE INITIATE

“ I have often emphasised that one who attains really spiritual perception does not become a dreamer or enthusiast, living only in the higher worlds and not seeing external reality. People who are ever dreaming in higher worlds, or about them, and do not see external reality, are not initiates; they should be considered from a pathological point of view, at least in the psychological sense of the term. The real knowledge of initiation does not estrange one from ordinary, physical life and its various relationships. On the contrary, it makes one a more painstaking, conscientious observer than without the faculty of seership. Indeed we may say: if a man has no sense of ordinary realities, no interest in ordinary realities, no interest in the details of others’ lives, if he is so ‘superior’ that he sails through life without troubling about its details, he shows he is not a genuine seer.”

Rudolf Steiner - Anthroposophy, An Introduction: Lecture VIII



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