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Greetings and welcome to the Spiritual-Arts Academy website. Whether this is your first journey into our site, or you are a returning visitor, we appreciate that you have elected to invest some moments into exploring what our site has to offer. We have strived to make this a giving experience in which you may not only receive information specifically related to the Spiritual-Arts Academy, but also items to relax the mind, bring joy to the soul, and perhaps even put a smile on your face. We do hope that you enjoy your journey through our website and please give yourself time to wander, explorer, and imagine.

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Enjoy a Moment of Presence with Yourself - A Guided Meditation

             Consciously decide and intend to give to yourself a moment to be just with yourself and for yourself. In your inner voice - the voice you and you alone hear - say to yourself "I am now giving to myself a moment to be with myself and for myself". Experience how you receive this message from yourSelf…(pause)... And now give to yourself a second moment …(pause)...  and a third. Effortlessly, allow yourself to have one gentle, slow, conscious deep breath. Experience the feeling of the body upon receiving this breath - the opening of the abdomen, the relaxing of the diaphragm, the expansion of the chest - the filling of the lungs. …(pause)... Savor this experience. Allow your inner smile to shine…(pause)… 

            Then, unhurriedly and gently, exhale allowing the tensions and worries within you to effortlessly release. And ever so subtly, let that inner smile break to the surface. Enjoy this smile to the depth of your being .. a wonderful gift from yourSelf to yourself…(pause)…

           Now give to yourself a second gentle, slow, deep breath. …(pause)… Feel yourself beginning to become more centered. Feel yourself in-bodied, fully alive. And now gently and lovingly exhale. …(pause)… Fully enjoy the act of exhaling and the realization that you are alive, that you exist. Feel your groundedness, your belonging in this space, this time, this place. Be aware that "I am", that there is an outside world in which you engage and participate, and that there is a most wonderful inner world, endless in nature, to explore, to discover, and to become. …(pause)… 

           Give to yourself another gentle, slow, very deep breath. …(pause)… Allow that amused aspect of yourSelf to come to the surface, the one that is self-aware and knows that all has its place, its meaning, and its purpose. And as you exhale, experience your presence. "I am here and I am". …(pause)… Give to yourself another conscious inhalation followed by a slow, enjoyable exhalation. Realize once more: "I am here, I am, I am present, and I have presence"! Experience your deep inner satisfaction in this realization. Yes, I Am!!! …(pause)…

           Now simply and effortlessly allow the inhalations and exhalations continue. With each cycle of breath feel a deeper awareness of presence, your  presence. As you continue, feel that inner state of realization glow throughout you. And allow that inner smile to grow and glow until is shines out your eyes. Feel that inner peace and a deep inner presence, your presence…(pause)…

          Wonderful! Now observe the world around you. Experience its glow, its depth. And now recognize that you are now fully prepared and fully able to take the next step in your life's  journey, in presence and in joy.

          Now go forth and enjoy all that life has to offer you… 

          And if you so desire, we welcome you to journey through the Spiritual-Arts Academy website and experience what there is to experience. 


Stop to smell the Flowers -   Sit back and enjoy the beauty created by this wonderful artistic team.


Nothing that was ever done was ever wasted or without effect on life. Nothing is so insignificant as to be unimportant. Everything in life matters and ultimately has a place, an impact, a meaning.”  


Laurens van der Post     

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