The Academy

The Spiritual-Arts Academy is first and foremost a center for growth, evolution, and wholeness. Centrally, the Spiritual-Arts Academy provides classes which offer a guided path to self-discovery and self-awareness, acquisition of the tools and techniques for spiritual development and self-knowledge, and spiritual healing tools and methods that both serve oneself and serve others. Secondly, the Spiritual-Arts Academy provides workshops for the purpose of providing direct benefits to the participants through healings and background knowledge over specific subjects. Thirdly, the Spiritual-Arts Academy provides Open Healing Evenings as a service to the community. 

The Spiritual-Arts Academy is by nature a creation of the Higher planes that has manifested in the physical plane. The leadership of the Academy is a stewardship of the consciousness and reality that exists within itself. The Academy, though a unique creation in itself, has characteristics of various institutions: mystery schools, schools of intuitive development, spiritual and psychic healing schools, Aikido Dojos, and even the original Academy of Plato. This Academy serves to provide a Way to the greater work, a path to self-development, and a special space in which to explore, share, and experience. 

The heart and soul of any organizational identity and unity of individuals - whether it be nation, society, religion, or school (exoteric or esoteric) - depends upon its philosophy, vision, and instruction, both stated and lived. Click the Tabs below to become acquainted with Spiritual-Arts Academy Philosophy, Vision, and Classes and Training. 

Classes & Trainining

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. 


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