Open Healing Evening

You are cordially invited to partake in the upcoming Open Healing Evening. The Open Healing Evening provides a space in which to receive healing, gain a deeper awareness of the qualities of spiritual healing, and to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding related to a specific spiritual healing topic. To find out what the Open Healing Evening is, and whether it might be something for you, please click on the bar below. You are also welcome to contact us should you have any questions.

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The Spiritual-Arts Academy's Open Healing Evenings have been
Suspended until Further Notice

After ten years of providing the Open Healing EveningThe Spiritual-Arts Academy shall now be taking a Sabbatical to explore the direction that this Endeavour shall, in the future, be taking. Times change, people change, needs change, and its beneficial now and then to check one’s compass, check in with Spirit, and divine the new directions. The legacy of these Open Healing Evenings remain as the Archival Scripts going back to 2008 and the MP3 downloadable files going back to February 2016. You are welcome to use these Archival Material for exploration and healing. Godspeed and wishing You a Wonderful Journey!!!

           This Month's Open Healing Evening    
                             Amersfoort - None Planned                     
                           Amsterdam - None Planned                      
                              Zutphen - None Planned                         
             Click Here to obtain Location, Time, and Date Information      

Archival Scripts & MP3s 

To obtain a download of a script from a previous Open Healing Evening, please click on the following link: 
Archival Scripts

         Future Open Healing Evenings        
                     Amersfoort -  None Planned                           
                     Amsterdam -  None Planned                           
                       Zutphen -  None Planned                              
             Click Here to obtain Location, Time, and Date Information     

collection of the Prayers that are used in the Open Healing Evenings are provided within the website and may be viewed by clicking on this link. These Prayers are uplifting and beneficial in both raising one's spirits and one's consciousness.

The Law of Consciousness

When your consciousness drops, you forget the reality of higher states of being. This cannot be helped; it is a law that the lower does not comprehend the higher


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