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Hello!!! Perhaps you have arrived at this site via an internet search or perhaps you manually typed in the website name to check out a specific class or workshop. In whichever way, your journey has brought you to this place at exactly this time. So welcome!!! And make yourself at home!!! 

The Spiritual-Arts Academy Website has been created with manifold intentions so as to provide both a refuge and a journey within your own personal journey. The site provides a place to experience a guided meditation in which to recover your space, your center. It is a place to experience moments of beauty. Scattered throughout the website are inspired pieces of thought upon which to reflect and contemplate as you explore the contents of this site. And just what is the Spiritual-Arts Academy? That is presented within these pages; from the perspective of philosophy, vision, and the nature and intention of the classes and training. 

As a metaphysical center, Spiritual-Arts Academy provides classes, workshops and healing evenings open to the general public. At the heart of this website are the detailed descriptions of these classes: the classes that form the foundation of the metaphysical development; the classes that engender deeper spiritual development; and the classes that provide instruction and initiation into the realms of healing. Workshops requiring no prerequisite study focus upon specific themes. In these, participants are guided through direct experiences (often healings) and acquire spiritual tools for personal or even professional use. And the Open Healing Evenings provide an evening in which both to receive the benefits of the spiritual healings and to acquire insights and experience into various modalities of healing. An archive of Open Healing Evening scripts is made available for downloading as a service

Finally, the Schedule and Agenda is provided with the pertinent logistical information

      Wishing you Godspeed on your Journey!!! 

The Spiritual-Arts Academy 

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