Spiritual and Magical Uses of Force Fields 

The Spiritual and Magical Uses of Force Fields Class is an advanced class given in three full days available to those individuals who have committed to their pursuit of knowledge and service. This class has been designed for those individuals who have completed the High Magic Class in addition to the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes.

The application of Force Fields, as presented in the Spiritual and Magical Uses of Force Fields Class, represents one of the most innovative manners possible in which to perform Spiritual, Magical, and Healing Work. The use of and the mathematics describing force fields and energy fields are well know within the physical realm and play an important role in many electrical, magnetic, and other systems which we encounter in our daily life. However, force fields are not limited to the physical plane but also may be created in the subtle planes: etheric, astral, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These are in general termed Metaphysical Force Fields and they are basically designed to produce either a special effect or to induce an influence. 

The manner in which one creates a Metaphysical Force Field is dependent upon the "realization" of the practitioner. The higher the level of consciousness of the practitioner, the more robust and more varied the Metaphysical Force Field. And when employed in conjunction with the Laws of High Magic, the more powerful, creative, and effective these Metaphysical Force Fields will become. Likewise, for those who are somewhat conversant with Universal Laws (as given in the Universal Laws - Symbolized and Embodied Class), the creation of Metaphysical Force Field utilizing the Law of Circulation has provided some interesting and powerful force field effects. In this class we shall directly create these Metaphysical Force Field by using the Angels of High Magic, a Godhead, the Universal Consciousness and the Power of God Within that is Omniscient and Omnipotent. Each participant shall be connected with these Powers of Creation through an application of a Magical Ritual that has been set up and is executed by the Angels of High Magic

This class has been derived in form and function from a workshop of the same name developed by the late Rev. Joseph Martinez, a Philippine psychic surgeon and faith healer who lived in San Francisco, California. Rev. Martinez created this workshop from his explorations and direct experiences of Metaphysical Force Fields. The class has been further evolved based on the work and experience of Joseph Holzer. 

Though some masters may have used Metaphysical Force Fields to accomplish their miracles, the subject of Metaphysical Force Fields has for the most part not been a subject of writings and investigations on the Metaphysical journals or other writings, the principal exception being Magical Spells. So this whole study is one of creativity and experimentation. Once initiated into the powers of the creation of Metaphysical Force Fields, the true art becomes the creation, testing, and creative application of various types of force fields. So for Rev.Martinez, this was an area of both his own personal investigation and inspiring his students to further his developments.

The Spiritual and Magical Uses of Force Fields Class is comprised of three primary sections:
     ⦿   Personal Force Fields
     ⦿   Healing Force Fields
     ⦿   Transformational Force Fields.
With their introduction and initiation into each force field, the participants are provided with adequate direction and time to explore its influences, the effects, and the effectiveness. 

Grouped within the Personal Force Fields are the following force fields:
     ⦿   the Protective Dome or Filter Force Field;
     ⦿   the Absorption Force Field;
     ⦿   the Dimensional Force Fields;
     ⦿   Super Force Fields; Master or Controlling Force Fields.
The Protective Dome or Filter Force Field is a force field that offers protection, to a person, to an object, to a place, or even to a space. It is also presented in the
Spiritual Protection Class. Its primary purpose is to provide a force field of protection from negative intrusion. The Absorption Force Field has a principal aim which is to absorb non-vital, and what might be termed as "negative" energies. It is useful in maintaining the integrity of the Filter Force Field, but is does more. And there are a number of different types of Absorption Force Fields that perform essentially the same function, which is a fascinating exploration in itself. A pair of quite interesting force fields are the Grounding and Anti-grounding Force Fields. They provide very strong sensations in one's exploration with them. Dimensional Force Fields are of the category of Inner-plane (Subtle Plane) Force Fields: spiritual, mental, emotional, astral, and etheric. Super Force Fields are extensions of Dimensional Force Fields in that they are Dimensional Force Fields with special effects added. And these special effects can be quite varied. The Master or Controlling Force Field is basically a force field whose function it is to control other force fields. So it in essence oversees the performance of these regulated force fields.

The function of the Healing Force Fields is quite simply to provide a source for various forms of healing. Grouped within the Personal Force Fields are the following force fields:
     ⦿   Physical Healing Force Field;
     ⦿   Emotional Healing Force Field;
     ⦿   Mental Healing Force Field;
     ⦿   Spiritual Healing Force Field; 
     ⦿   an Energizing (Vitalizing) Force Field.
The Spiritual Healing Force Field is a powerful aid in opening up ones spirituality. It is effective in dissolving illusions, delusions, inflations, and other maladies than can adversely influence one on the spiritual path. The Energizing (Vitalizing) Force Field may be applied to different subtle systems of the body, like the acupuncture or chakra system, to restore a person's energy or vitality.

Transformational Force Fields enable the use of force fields for inner transformation. These produce some very interesting influences and effects. There are two principal classes of Transformational Force Fields:
     ⦿   Meditational Force Fields and
     ⦿   Generator Force Fields.
The Meditational Force Fields often take the form of a vortex of light. The light may arise from different realms, and will induce the effects and influences in line with that realm. Generator Force Fields are used to create a quality or aspect of Consciousness. The force fields may be varied in geometric shape and highly varied in the quality that it radiates and projects. And being in the radiation field of a quality will tend to induce both a manifestation of that quality for those who are in the force field and a running of that quality of energy in the individual. The potential of such force fields are truly great, especially when used in conjunction with some of the creations of 
High Magic as presented in the High Magic Class, such as the inner plane doubles, the magical statues and the application of models in general. This area presents many opportunities for creative development and exploration.

The true beauty of the Spiritual and Magical Uses of Force Fields Class is that it opens up a whole world of possibilities. What can be created is only limited by the imagination, and what can be manifested shall grow with the inner development and the growth of consciousness of the practitioner. This class opens to a journey of unlimited possibilities and incredible potential.

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