The Manifestation of Perfect Selves

The Manifestation of Perfect Selves Class is an advanced class given in two full days available to those individuals who have a committed desire to foster their spiritual growth and development. This class has been designed for those individuals who have completed the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes (the Foundation Class, Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class, the Psychic Energy Flow System - from Healing to Alchemy Class, and the Focal Point Class) or can demonstrate a basic competency in the material of these classes. 

The Manifestation of Perfect Selves Class is probably the most inspired class that I (Joseph Holzer) have ever taken or given. This class has been derived in form and function from a workshop by the same name, developed by the late Rev. Joseph Martinez, a Philippine psychic surgeon and faith healer who lived in San Francisco, California in the USA. Rev. Martinez created this workshop, based on a personal revelation and spontaneous experience, so that it could be passed on to his students. As far as I am aware, this information and method is quite unique and I have seen nothing like this in the literature or in what has been offered in any class or workshop.

The heart of the Manifestation of Perfect Selves Class  is what Rev. Martinez termed the Reverse Process. In the Reverse Process, the “God Within” creates emanations of qualities of essence which Rev. Martinez called Perfect Selves  These Perfect Selves provide an influence to and/or merger with the Surface Personality. And unlike other processes, these emanations are formless Essences. The greatest benefit of the Reverse Process arises when the Perfect Selves are able to fully merge with the Surface Personality and then one is able to run the Qualities of Essence in the body. Doing so both enhances and accelerates ones spiritual development. However, due to conditioning and programming, or other causes, a full merger may not always be possible. Then the individual will just have the benefit of the influence of the Perfect Self around himself or herself, with the possibility of the full merger occurring at a later date when the blocks to full merger are released.

In this class, 21 Perfect Selves shall be emanated with the intention of full embodiment. Which of these Perfect Selves shall fully embody in the individual is totally determined by the individual's personal process and the Divine Play. But every Perfect Self shall provide a benefit to the individual. 

The Perfect Selves to be emanated for embodiment are: 
     ⦿   the Self-Realized Self of the God Within;
     ⦿   the Divine Self;
     ⦿   the Christ Self;
     ⦿   the Universal Mind Self;
     ⦿   the Supraconscious Mind Self;
     ⦿   the Warrior Self;
     ⦿   the Protective Self;
     ⦿   the Neutral Self;
     ⦿   the Divine Guidance Perfect Self;
     ⦿   the Clarity Self; the Transformative Self;
     ⦿   the Harmony Self;
     ⦿   the Surrendering Self;
     ⦿   the Prosperity Self;
     ⦿   the Bliss Self;
     ⦿   the Healer Self or Healing Self;
     ⦿   the Calm Self;
     ⦿   the Wisdom Self;
     ⦿   the Compassionate Self;
     ⦿   the Amused Self;
     ⦿   and the Security Self.

Some of the techniques employed in this class shall be more advanced than what the participant may have experienced. This does not cause any difficulty simply because the work shall be induced by the facilitator and the participants need only sit back and receive. Many of the techniques used in the class shall have been provided in the High Magic Class

The Reverse Process shall be performed in stages with sets of the different qualities of essence. And once the process is initiated, the participants need only surrender to it because the Reverse Process is automatic. The individual does not need to do anything. The Reverse Process shall occur in the same manner in which it occurred to Rev. Martinez. Spontaneously, the “God Within” shall arise and emanate a perfect emanation to the surface seeking to merge and embody at the right time. That is the way the process works. It is spontaneous and is initiated from the “God Within”. The Reverse Process is not an experience of going within nor going above. It is a totally different type of process. What is within shall come out to meet itself here on the surface. And experiencing a full Reverse Process immediately, as it occurred for Rev. Martinez, for even one Perfect Self may not occur during the class. Some in the class participants may experience a number of the Perfect Selves embody within the class, while for others, the desired changes may take time and full embodiment may occur spontaneously at a later time. Yet even a partial embodiment or having a quality of essence operating outside of the body shall provide significant long term benefits to the participant.

After full embodiment of some of the Perfect Selves, an individual may become aware of a natural flowing positivity while others may experience a deep sense of peace and calm within. And then, one may awake in the morning to the feeling of peace, not to the ego tensions or the worries. These are the possible wonderful benefits from this experience for those choosing to take the Manifestation of Perfect Selves Class

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