High Magic -
The Practice of the Higher Laws 

The High Magic Class is an advanced class given in four full days available to those individuals who are committed in their pursuit of knowledge and service and who thrill in the journey into the deepest aspects of themselves. This class has been designed for those individuals who have completed the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes (the Foundation Class, Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class, the Psychic Energy Flow System - from Healing to Alchemy Class, and the Focal Point Class).  

The High Magic Class stands as the "flagship" course within in the Spiritual Arts Academy; the art, tools, and techniques of High Magic play a central role in many of the Spiritual Arts Academy classes. As early as in the fourth class of the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundaments set of classes, the Focal Point Class, a preliminary initiation into High Magic is performed in order to both provide the participants with the tools to perform certain functions within he class and introduce the participant into the art of working with the tools, techniques and concepts of the Higher Laws. Within the High Magic Class, the participants are fully provided with the full initiation into High Magic and with this, all of the connections that the High Magician shall require.

As an introduction, High Magic may be essentially described as a state of realization which recognizes that through consciousness, all things are possible. High Magic is a creative art & science based on the higher laws of nature and the utilization of symbols, instruments, and powers to manifest the intentions of the High Magician in alignment with the Will of God. High Magic is used for the benefit of mankind and is never a dabbling with spirits nor directed at achieving selfish personal gains. To follow the path of the High Magician is to commit to one’s own self-development and to work with the principles of High Magic with the intention of being of the highest service in the bettering of human lives and fulfilling man's responsibility to the three lower kingdoms. Never is the objective to become powerful for the purpose of gaining power, control, and authority over others. That is not the Way of the High Magician

High Magic, also called White Magic, may be described as originating from the soul of the High Magician. Thus it arises from a place of unity. Black Magic on the other hand is said to arise from the Mind (or Mental Plane) and is derived in a state of duality. Black Magic (also termed Low Magic) may be performed for good purposes as well as evil purposes. That is the nature of duality. The term Black Magician most often refers to a practitioner of magic for "evil" purposes; but other types of magicians do practice Black Magic (low magic) with positive intent for good purposes. Be aware that intent alone is not sufficient to perform High Magic. Interestingly, the same Magical Laws and Magical Tools may be used by the High or Low Magician. Within the Spiritual Arts Academy, we work exclusively with High Magic!

The practice of High Magic, and magic in general, is an endeavor which may evolve over many lifetimes. Thus many who are attracted to this topic and find it of keen interest, not only as a mind and emotion but as a spirit and a soul, are not newcomers to this field. In such cases, the individual shall quickly acquire the knowledge and the powers developed in former incarnations and with it the wisdom that has developed within himself or herself as a soul. Then this whole field becomes a playground of exploration and evolution. And the beauty of this path is that whatever evolution occurs in this life shall become part of you and be available in future lives.

This class that is offered by the Spiritual Arts Academy has been derived in form and function from a class, entitled High Magic, developed by the late Rev. Joseph Martinez, a Philippine psychic surgeon and faith healer who lived and worked in San Francisco, California.  Rev. Martinez created this class as an inspiration through the guidance he received from the Angelic Realms, and supported by his own research and testing. Aspects of the initiations he facilitated were directly given to him from the Angelic Realm. The intention of this class was to provide an introduction and set a foundation from which the High Magic practitioner through his or her work and efforts could further evolve. It was his intention that the students be provided with the fundamental knowledge and be connected with the appropriate powers so as to be able to work with most of the aspects of magic that one may find in the books. Though this class covered the major aspects of High Magic, it remained the responsibility of the student to research the field and to fully enter into the practice of High Magic.

The Spiritual Arts Academy class in High Magic provides the participants with a wide breadth of guided experiences. The focus of the class is not in philosophy or descriptive articulation, but rather the depth of the experience itself.  Unlike the more traditional forms of magical training, in which the conscious aspect of the individual works to raise his or her consciousness to a higher level, in the Spiritual Arts Academy High Magic Class, the Higher Self (higher consciousness) of the individual draws the conscious aspect of the individual upwards. Thus the growth and development do not come from a "learning" process, but rather a "realization" process.  Implicit within the Spiritual Arts Academy methodology, and in keeping with the original development of Rev. Joseph Martinez is the fundamental premise and spiritual truth that we "are becoming that which we already are". To actually do this, the initial steps of the High Magic Class is to establish as set of Metaphysical Connections, create a set of "Inner Plane" Magical Tools, and have the Angelic realm perform a set of transcendental Empowerments.

To practice High Magic, the participants need to be connected to the "powers of magical creation". In the High Magic Class, these powers are derived from three Angels of High Magic.  These are very, very high angels that serve the function as the priests of god. The evolution of these angels resides wholly within the realm of High Magic. Rev. Martinez received the information from his guides that the Angels of High Magic were the most desirable powers with which an individual can work. These Angels of High Magic were created by God for the sole purpose of evolving the practice of Alchemy and High Magic. From the moment they were born (formed), they were designated Angels of High Magic and their evolution is wholly working within this line. Angels of High Magic display a radiance and may look like a bright light or blazing sun. In addition to the three Angels of High Magic, a fourth personal connection that each participant receives is a connection with a Godhead. A Godhead is a divinity or divine principle which becomes manifested in “form“ as a Being. These connections are what makes the High Magic Class unique and different from other forms of magical training.

Within his High Magic workshop, Rev. Martinez introduced an exceedingly innovative creation which he termed the "Higher Self Doubles". One does not find a description of "Higher Self Doubles" in any reference. The possibility of their creation stems from Joseph's realization that every human soul can be one and many at the same time, totally and perfectly. This is based upon the spiritual concept of simultaneous existence. The nature of consciousness is that it cannot divide itself or be divided. It must always remain one. But consciousness can project itself and become many. It can create centers and project itself into those centers. Then there arises another personality. Yet still it remains one. In the High Magic Class, the three Angels of High Magic arrange for the creation of the Magical Doubles. The following doubles are created: Angelic, Casual, Mental, and Astral. The creation of these doubles enables each participant's individual consciousness to station itself in the higher planes, beginning with the heavens and ending in the astral plane. And once this occurs, each participant shall be able to make inner plane connections; the most direct and powerful that one may have.

Upon the creation of a participant's Magical Doubles, he or she shall be totally prepared to enter into the pursuit of the wisdom and knowledge of High Magic. The categories in which the High Magic Class is presented is as follows; 
     ⦿   the Higher Laws of Nature
     ⦿   Magical Ritual;  
     ⦿   Magical Tools;
    ⦿   Magical Healing;  
     ⦿   Transformation of the Body.

Five basic laws related to High Magic are presented in the Higher Laws of Nature section:
     ⦿   the Law of Macrocosm and Microcosm
     ⦿   the Law of Symbol and Reality; 
     ⦿   the Law of Correspondence;
     ⦿   the Law of Sympathetic Vibration;  
     ⦿   the law of One.
To invoke these laws, the participant makes a request to the Angels of High Magic and through them the request may be fulfilled. The Angels of High Magic, in the nature of High Magic, only perform a function if it is in the highest path of destiny of all involved so that new karma will not be created (though karma may very well be completed). This ensures that "no harm will be done" to either the High Magician or to the recipient (the client). Note that there are many more Higher Laws that are available to the High Magician and that a fuller set of Universal Laws are provided in the Universal Laws - Symbolized and Embodied Class which is offered to those who have completed the High Magic Class.

Magical Ritual (also termed ceremonial or ritual magic) is an important aspect of almost any form of magic, whether it be High Magic or Low Magic. There are many books that provide the set-ups and exercises to perform ceremonial or ritual magic. Ceremonial Magic is almost always performed in the physical plane with various tools, instruments, symbols, and active participation such as singing, dancing, chantings, etc.. The methodology taught in the High Magic Class is to perform the Magical Ritual spiritually. The Angels of High Magic set up the rituals in the inner planes and direct the performance of these rituals. Other high spirits may be called in by the Angels of High Magic to participate and sometimes even to officiate over the ritual. It is accepted by many that it is superior to perform the rituals in the inner planes, though physical ritual may accompany the spiritual ritual. And some may say that performing the rituals simultaneously on multiple planes is more powerful yet. The key to its manifestation of the Magical Ritual is the attunement of the the High Magician to the ritual in addition to the evolution and power of the High Magician himself or herself. The greater the attunement, the stronger the effects of the ritual. The types of rituals that may be performed are: 
     ⦿   Initiatory Rites including Rite of Ordination
     ⦿   Magical High Mass for Thanksgiving, Blessings, or Petition; 
     ⦿   Seasonal Rites;
     ⦿   Devotional Rites;  
     ⦿   Special Rituals.

Magical Tools are those classic tools that the magician uses in performing his or her work. Many of these tools are well-known from fairy tales, movies, and such. The magical tools used in the High Magic Class are created by the Angels of High Magic on the inner plane. Additionally, actual tools may undergo the Rituals of Consecration and Blessings and be used as the Magical Tools alone or in conjunction with the inner plane tools. This is the choice of the practicing High Magician. The tools created and used in this class include:
     ⦿   the magic mirror;
     ⦿   magic wands;
     ⦿   magic lamp;
     ⦿   magic shield;
     ⦿   magic sword;
     ⦿   magic cup;
     ⦿   magic caldron;
     ⦿   magic incense;
     ⦿   magic spell;
     ⦿   magic incantations,
     ⦿   invocations and prayers;
     ⦿   magical rings and angelic seals;
     ⦿   magic gloves;
     ⦿   magic circle;
     ⦿   magic triangle;
     ⦿   magic mandala;
     ⦿   magic amulets and charms;  
     ⦿   magic statues and pictures.

Magical Healing focuses upon the magical creations and techniques that may be employed in healing. The types of creations are quite diverse and range from thought forms to inner plane machines. Specifically, the following are created on the inner panes by the Angels of High Magic:
     ⦿   healing thought forms;
     ⦿   thought forms that receive sickness and negative vibrations;
     ⦿   symbolic thought forms of persons or deities;
     ⦿   witness thought forms;
     ⦿   nature spirits;
     ⦿   symbolic or ritual healing;
     ⦿   inner plane radionics;
     ⦿   working with the elements;
     ⦿   implantation of supramental crystals;
     ⦿   cleansing with supramental water that has been energized by pyramids;
     ⦿   the staff of Hermes;
     ⦿   supramental medicine. 

The techniques and experiences in the "Transformation of the Body" utilize inner plane High Magic to directly effect the qualities of the physical body. This section employs:
     ⦿   the original blueprint of the body;
     ⦿   use of supramental beings to affect the unveiling of the cells and the transformation of the body;
     ⦿   the creation of supramental doubles to change energy fields to affect:
               - freedom from aging,
               - freedom from sickness, and 
               - freedom from death;
     ⦿   the creation of a higher etheric body;
     ⦿   channeling divine life force.
This section is as much intended to provide a transformation of the body of the participants as to support the processes of the clients with whom the participants shall work. A number of the techniques and procedures must be considered experimental and push the level of what is currently possible on this planet.

In summary, the initiations and connections made in the High Magic Class provide the participants with capabilities and possibilities beyond what most could imagine. For anyone, it presents a significant step in his or her growth and development. The nature of having doubles may take many years to even partially comprehend. The use of the Angels of High Magic opens doors to all levels of possibilities. And the material presented in this class may take a lifetime to fully grasp and master. But to those who choose to engage in this work, for personal growth or professional healing, there is no limit to the satisfaction that may be derived from the pure wonderment of the experience of becoming a participant in the Higher Plays and the Higher Nature of the Universe! 

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