Universal Laws -
Symbolized and Embodied

The Universal Laws - Symbolized and Embodied Class is an advanced class given in two full days available to those individuals who have committed to their pursuit of knowledge and service. This class has been designed for those individuals who have completed the High Magic Class in addition to the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes.

The Universal Laws - Symbolized and Embodied Class provides the participants with one of the most magnificent manners in which to perform Spiritual Work and Healings. This class empowers the participant to consciously invoke and use the Universal Laws directly in their highest form and function.This is far different than intellectually learning about the Laws and then attempting to adjust attitude and perform "right action" in order to achieve a desired objective. It is also more than creating psychic images, visualizations, or thought forms for the purpose of utilizing a Universal Law to achieve an objective. In this class, the participants shall be empowered to invoke the Laws, through either conscious intent or as a Higher self, and then explore the nature and operation of the Laws. While some of these Laws are quite easy for the mind to understand, others are much more enigmatic. But in journeying through the Laws, the participant shall gain awareness and insights that cannot but help expand his or her sense of mystery and adventure in the universe in which we live.

The benefits from participating in the Universal Laws - Symbolized and Embodied Class and subsequently in utilizing and exploring the Laws are many. First, it provides a deeper understanding into the workings of the universe. Second, it provides a whole new way into dealing and working with life's issues and problems. For healers, it provides a whole new manner and level of working. It provides a strong impulse to one's inner (in humanity) and spiritual development. And in experimenting with the Laws, the true true Mysteries of the Universe begin to reveal themselves and this in itself engenders a true sense of excitement and experience of joy and gratefulness in being part of the Great Play.

Universal Laws lay at the bedrock of the workings of all creations, preservations, and destructions. They determine the flow of the universe from the most microscopic to the most macroscopic. The different "planes" each contain their own set of Laws, for instance the Physical Laws that pertain the physical plane, Astral Laws that pertain the astral plane, Mental Laws that pertain to the mental plane, and Spiritual Laws that pertain to the spiritual plane. And most importantly, there are Laws that pertain to Laws, and Laws that determine the interaction between the different Laws. And it should be noted that the Universe itself is comprised of a combination of Higher Laws and Lower Laws. And one may choose, through free will, to live a life that is based of the Lower Laws, or to live a life that is enabled by the Higher Laws. The quality and substance of one's life shall be to a good deal be determined by this selection, whether it be consciously or unconsciously made. 

This class has been developed from a workshop, entitled Universal Laws, created by the late Rev. Joseph Martinez, a Philippine psychic surgeon and faith healer who lived in San Francisco, California. Rev. Martinez developed this workshop from a lifetime of exploration into the Laws, both as first hand experience and from secondary sources. The class has been further evolved by Joseph Holzer based on his own experiences and insights. However, the real fundamental beauty of Rev. Martinez’s original work is maintained in that it permits the participants to use the Higher Laws - the Laws of High Magic - directly, thereby enabling them to invoke and activate the Law. And when invoked, the Laws will operate perfectly in accordance to the Laws themselves.

What is key in the Universal Laws - Symbolized and Embodied Class is the power and process of the “symbolization” and “embodiment” of the Laws. The symbolization process utilizes the Universal and Magical Law of Symbols. This is a Higher Law which, prior to “symbolization” and “embodiment”, requires a Power, a higher consciousness, to activate. In this class, the participants shall utilize as the Powers their Angels of High Magic, their Godhead, and the Universal Consciousness in order to create the Perfect Symbol of the Law and then imbed this Law within the Perfect Symbol. Then the Perfect Symbol of the Law shall have the power to act as the Law. Once this is performed, the next step shall be to embody the Perfect Symbol within the microcosm of the participant. This too requires a Power, which is once again the participants’ their Angels of High Magic, their Godhead, and the Universal Consciousness. Once the Perfect Symbol is embodied within the microcosm of the participant, the individual shall be able to use a formula to consciously activate the Law, or he or she may prefer to leave it up to the Higher Self to automatically activate the Law when deemed appropriate. It should be noted that the action of “symbolization” and “embodiment” for a particular participant through his or her Angels of High MagicGodhead, and the Universal Consciousness attests to the individual’s level of inner attainment. Should the participant subsequently abuse his or her gift, then the Angels of High MagicGodhead, and the Universal Consciousness shall dissolve the Perfect Symbol. So it is in reality only through Grace and Divine Providence that each participant is empowered. And it is then up to the participants themselves to evolve their consciousness, themselves as consciousness, into a higher consciousness and to achieve “realizations“. In so doing, they shall be able to more ably work with the Higher Laws and become better aware of the general Laws that are operating on the macroscopic level. 

Rev. Martinez selected a number of significant Laws which he felt would be the most beneficial for his students. There are many more than what he presented in his workshop. And Joseph Holzer has added a few which he found to be quite significant. Their purpose was to present a set of Laws that would lay a foundation that the individual could use to begin to more fully live under Higher Law and live in accordance with the Higher Law. And in so doing, achieve higher levels of growth, evolution, and realizations.

The Universal Laws are presented in six sets in this workshop. These are as follows:
     ⦿   the Master Laws;
     ⦿   General Universal Laws I;
     ⦿   Universal Laws regarding Abundance and Prosperity;
     ⦿   Universal Laws regarding Healing and Transformation;
     ⦿   Universal Laws regarding Magic; and
     ⦿   General Universal Laws II

The Master Laws are the Laws that determine the manner of creation and operation of the Laws and the functioning of the Laws with each other. These Laws are:
   ⦿   the Law of Laws and
   ⦿   Law of Precedence. 

General Universal Laws are Laws that operate within the universe and to which each individual should be fully connected. It is good to be aware that these are Laws that are in the macrocosm and hence in the microcosm. The Laws presented in General Universal Laws I are:
   ⦿   the Law of Synchronicity;
   ⦿   the Law of Circulation;
   ⦿   the Law of Returns;
   ⦿   the Law of Compensation or Dharma;
   ⦿   the Law of Consequence (Law of Responsibility);
   ⦿   the Law of Justice;
   ⦿   the Law of Identity (Law of Authenticity); and 
   ⦿   the Law of Cycle and Rhythms.

The Universal Laws regarding Abundance and Prosperity are:
   ⦿   the Law of Spirit as Source;
   ⦿   the Law of Ray of Prosperity;
   ⦿   the Law of Receiving from Source by creating a Higher Self Prosperity Double and stationing it in
              the Universal Heavens; and
   ⦿   the Law of Attraction with a wealth, prosperity, abundance Force Field around the Perfect Symbol
              for the Law of Attraction.

The Universal Laws regarding Healing and Transformation are:
   ⦿   the Law of Divine Healing;
   ⦿   the Law of Grace;
   ⦿   the Law of Forgiveness;
   ⦿   the Law of Love; the Law of Courage;
   ⦿   the Law of Wisdom of the Heart;
   ⦿   the Law of Truth; the Law of Recollections;
   ⦿   the Law of Speech; 
   ⦿   the Law of Thought & Mind; and
   ⦿   the Law of Prayer.

There are Laws operating that may be termed paranormal or supernatural that allows one to perform magic. If one knows how to use these Laws, one can create some incredible effects, influences, and manifestations. The Universal Laws regarding Magic are:
   ⦿   the Law of Correspondence;
   ⦿   the Law of Symbols;
   ⦿   the Law of Microcosm-Macrocosm;
   ⦿   the Law of Sympathetic Vibration;
   ⦿   the Law of Transmutation;
   ⦿   the Law of Frequency; and
   ⦿   the Law of One. 

Finally, the General Universal Laws II are: 
   ⦿   the Law of Opposites; 
   ⦿   the Law of Polarity; 
   ⦿   the Laws of Karma and Dharma; 
   ⦿   the Witness Law; and 
   ⦿   the Law of Centers .

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