Spiritual Healing of Shame & Humiliation

This workshop, Spiritual Healing of Shame and Humiliation, has as its fundamental objectives:
              1) the releasing of the shame that the participants have been carrying, and 
              2) the healing of the effects and impacts of experienced humiliation.
To realize this, we shall first explore the fundamental nature of shame and humiliation examining what it is and how it impacts an individual. Following, we shall utilize basic spiritual healing tools and methods, taught and used in the 
Spiritual-Arts Academy, to release, clear, and heal the shame and humiliation. The intention of this two-day workshop is that the participants leave from the workshop "having received" so as to have grown; become more whole; be more aware, clear, and unburdened; feeling better about themselves; and with an insight of how shame and humiliation has impacted their life. Note that a pre-knowledge of the healing tools and techniques is not required this workshop in order to receive the full benefits.

Shame and humiliation are core pieces sitting behind many ailments and issues in life. In fact, most people are unaware of the shame that they carry and the influence it has had on their physical, emotional, and mental life. It is only after it has been cleared that its impact may be observed. Issues such as lack of self-respect, worthiness, havingness, having the ability to create whether if be a good job or contentment in a relationship, may all have as its source the issues of shame, and the unhealed influences of humiliation. The benefits and new possibilities that arise may actually come as an unexpected surprise. And because of the inner layerings that continue to release after the workshop itself, some of the benefits shall only arise and possibly be noticed at a later time. 

So what might participating in this workshop, Spiritual Healing of Shame and Humiliation, provide you?  This may be: a greater potential in taking steps in your growth and healing; more good feelings about yourself, better social contact with others; greater opportunities for spontaneity and creation; the possibility just to feel happy and optimistic; and perhaps a better quality of life. 

The possibilities available through working upon shame and humiliation in a higher consciousness utilizing spiritual tools of the Spiritual-Arts Academy provides many possibilities that cannot be achieved by more conventional means. This is simply a result of being able to access spirit, yourself as spirit and soul, to perform the healing and not be limited to mind or therapeutic techniques. For instance, shame can be directly lifted off an individual using spiritual tools and uncompleted experience of humiliation may be completed whether it reside in an individual's blood line, past life, or current life experience.

Some Background

In examining the nature of shame and humiliation, one realizes that they are fundamentally quite different and thus must be addressed differently. Shame is very much by nature an energy, and thus needs to be treated as such. Humiliation is an event in space and time. 

Shame by its nature has beneficial aspects and detrimental aspects. These have been given two different names: "Healthy Nourishing Shame" and "Toxic Shame". 

The "Healthy Nourishing Shame" helps us recognize mistakes, helps us be aware of our boundaries, recognize our relationship with community, acts as a source of learning and creativity, and helps in developing the positive quality of humility. This shame performs the function of an alarm that brings us into a state of self-awareness and self-consciousness, to become aware of who we are and what we are doing.  

The "Toxic Shame" acts like a deep internal wound which separates us from others; which causes us to disown aspects of ourselves; which lowers or own energetic vibration; and which causes us to hide aspects of ourselves even from ourselves. Shame itself may come from another as an energy transfer, or it might be created from an experience of humiliation. Toxic Shame leaves one with the thoughts and feelings that: "I am flawed", "I am worthless and defective as a human being". It may: lead one into self-alienation and isolation; the creation of a false self; the development of co-dependent relationships; help induce a borderline personality disorder; and may lead to many forms of addictions. It may also lead to narcissistic personality disorder, the paranoid personality, the grandiose or disabled will, and potentially criminal behavior. Obviously, many issues of the body-mind emotion complex cannot be addressed until the underlying Toxic Shame energy is released, cleared, and lifted

Humiliation is and event or experience that induces feelings and thoughts that are anywhere from distasteful and diminishing to shocking and traumatizing to the individual's body-mind-emotion complex, and even potentially damaging on the soul level. A humiliation experience may be complete, or it can be continuing without end. A humiliation experience can produce a residue of toxic shame that shall remain in the individual's system until cleared or lifted. An uncompleted experience of humiliation, especially if associated with shock and trauma, may continuously "bleed" toxic shame into the individual's system. No matter how much work is done to release, clear, transmute, lift or in other manner heal shame, the shame shall return until the bleeding induced by the uncompleted experience of humiliation is completed.

Because of this interrelated nature between humiliation and Toxic Shame, these two subjects are best worked upon in conjunction with each other, and in this case within a single workshop. 

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