Focal Point 

The Focal Point Class is a two-day class designed for those individuals who have completed the Foundation Class, Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class, and the Psychic Energy Flow System - from Healing to Alchemy Class, or can show a basic competency in the material of these classes. This class is the fourth and last class in a sequence of four classes that constitute the Spiritual-Arts Academy Fundament set of classes.  

The Focal Point Class provides the participants with an experiential answer to the fundamental question of "Where am I". In so doing, the participants may gain an insight into the questions "Who am I" and "What am I". Each individual is a complex multidimensional being whose full nature has been the source of discussion, philosophical inquiry, and investigation by many individuals, spiritual societies, and religions. All religions and spiritual paths must implicitly explore and explain this aspect of personal cosmology. A human is comprised of many aspects: Spirit, Soul, Self, Ego etc. As a spirit, one may travel to different planes of existence, different spheres of reality, and experience many realities other than waking consciousness. But central to this exploration is the perspective of the viewer, the "I" who is having the experience. This "I" may be called the self, the ego, the I, or other identifying names. It is a center of self-consciousness. It is much easier to state what it is not, than to identify what it is, and such "not" identification is an aspect of many spiritual practices. And in actions, the questions may arise as under whose will one is operating, the will of your "I" or another’s "I". 

For the purpose of this class, that aspect of the center of self-consciousness shall be termed "Focal Point". This relatively modest term is used instead of terms like "I", ego, self etc. to keep clear his definition from the definitions that others have employed for these words.

Now having established the term and concept of "Focal Point", the question arises as to what shall the participants do with it. The answer is simple; through intention, will, or other means, the participants shall place themselves as a "Focal Point" in various locations, possibly within self-established environments. And from these locations, participants shall simply experience the experience. And while some participants are moving to different locations as a "Focal Point", others participants shall observe and experiences these participants. So in this manner, the "where" question of the "I" may be experientially addressed.

This concept of “Focal Point” is far from new. There are expressions like: be in your body; be in your heart; that individual is stuck in his second chakra; or stuck in survival. In doing a psychic reading, the reader is often taught to be in the center of his or her head; in doing Shamanic travel one leaves their body and travels with a spirit animal; and in Aikido, one moves his or her body while residing in his or her one point. In the Foundation Class, the participants have already had the experience of actively looking or perceiving based on the location of the viewer’s "Focal Point".  

The participants in Focal Point Class shall experience themselves as "Focal Points" in a stepwise manner, first confining exploration to within the physical and etheric body and later exploring out of body locations. Movement as a "Focal Point" shall be experienced both with intention and with the tools of High Magic (defined as the use of the Higher Metaphysical Laws). Participants shall also experience moving another as a Focal Point (with his or her permission) using magic tools, and being moved as a Focal Point (with permission) by another’s magic tools. Participants shall experience themselves within different environments, such as chakras and organs, as a “naked” focal point, within a set of separation roses, within a cosmic cross (three intersecting magic circles), with or without a magic shield, and finally a hyper-cosmic cross (four intersecting magic circles). Outside of the body, the participants shall move both through physical space and non-physical space. They shall experience as a "Focal Points" being on the ceiling and being beyond the atmosphere of thought-forms. They shall also travel as a Focal Point to the Way-Station, a place where the spirit enters as a first transition after death and where spirits station prior to incarnating. Finally, the participant shall have the opportunity to travel within the Kabalistic Tree of Life in order to experience what it is like to be within a specific "Sephirah" and to meet the energies and/or residents of the specific "Sephirah". 

As a preliminary task to the Focal Point experience, each participant of the class shall receive an re-Initiation into the Pyramid of the Rose (as was performed in the Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class) and an initial Initiation into High Magic. Each participant shall have the opportunity to use and further develop a competency using the tools learned in the previous classes, and will be introduced to a select few inner-plane magical tools. 

Different experiences shall be performed to further develop the participants’ awareness to the issues that arise from not consciously being aware of how they operate as a "Focal Point", and what it means to get “stuck” or to fall into aspects of oneself. This clearly does not work in an individual's best interest and highest purpose. Thus we shall gain experience with: 
     ⦿   giving away our center;
     ⦿   falling into a stuck “analyzer”;
     ⦿   falling into a “churning” second chakra;
    ⦿   falling into a picture;  
     ⦿   falling into an aspect of oneself (such as the child within).

The benefits a participant receives from Focal Point Class are many, the most important being Self-Knowledge. “Know Thyself” has been the most important aspect of many spiritual, mystical, and magical traditions. This class provides that possibility via direct experience. The participants may gain insight into the nature of some of their own issues, and realize these influences in others. Each individual shall gain experience and expertise into the use of various inner plane tools. For many of the participants, their view of what is possible and what is possible for them shall be expanded. And many of the practices from diverse spiritual traditions shall be shown to have a common thread. Finally, the participant may find that a number of these experiences are not new at all, and recognize how they have already been operating as a mobile center of consciousness in this life. 

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