Fundaments Class Offerings

The Fundaments Class Offerings provide the basic tools and experiences that will enable you to not only become aware that you are more than just a physical being, but to also be able to actually operate in a psychic/spiritual manner. Upon taking these classes, you shall be able to perform basic self-healing and inner spiritual explorations. And you will have acquired the tools and skills that are required to partake in the Spiritual Arts Academy Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Development classes. The classes in the Fundaments Class Offerings are: 

     ⦿   the Foundation Class; 
     ⦿   Mystical and Healing uses of the Rose; 
     ⦿   Psychic Energy Flow System - from Healing to Alchemy; 
     ⦿   Focal Point.

“Beware of any Path that narrows the possibilities of the future through limiting freewill for self-expression. Any Path that permits diversity of ideas, without judgement, serves humanity as a model for wholeness.”  


Jamie Sams 

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