Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose

The Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class is a two-day class designed for those individuals who have completed the Foundation Class or can demonstrate a basic competency in grounding, centering, and energy work. This class is the second in a sequence of four classes that constitute the Spiritual-Arts Academy Fundament set of classes.

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The Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class shall provide yous with a powerful set of tools that may be employed for a wide variety of functions within the realms of spiritual development and spiritual healing. The Rose itself as a mystical symbol dates back to at least the time of ancient Egypt and can be seen today in many venues including the Cathedrals of Europe. It appears as an image in many religious and esoteric texts and used in numerous rituals. Today, a number a schools that teach intuitive and psychic development utilize the image or symbol Rose in nonphysical form as one of their basic tools.

Within the Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class, you shall be instructed as to the manner in which to create and use these symbolic Roses. The Spiritual-Arts Academy philosophy is to create a specific type of Rose, as an "idea", for each function that a Rose shall be used and have it empowered to specifically perform that job. So a "Grounding Rose" shall be created and specifically used for the purpose of grounding, regardless of where the grounding is performed. Because of the empowerment, within each Rose itself is embedded the consciousness and information to perform its particular function. So you as spirit may create or call upon a particular Rose, and simply request the Rose to perform its function. 

One of the beauties of the Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class is that you shall be connected to a repository of knowledge and information which shall then become accessible for your use. You shall receive an initiation and connection to the Pyramid of the Rose, a special temple existing in the highest plane of the Astral which is a repository of knowledge and information regarding the "Rose". Your connection shall be totally in alignment with your particular spiritual history and personal process. Thus by accessing the Knowledge of the Rose, contained within the Pyramid of the Rose, the you shall be able to perform spiritual and healing functions that might not otherwise be available to you at this juncture of your journey. And because of the initiation and your direct connection to the Pyramid of the Rose, the information regarding the use of the Rose as a mystical and healing tool shall become your own, belonging to no group or other person. 

The Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class is highly experiential and you shall be guided in to the use of the many types of Roses. In so doing, you shall gain a functional knowledge and expertise in effectively working with the Rose Tool in a safe and secure manner. Some of these "Roses" work in a very direct manner and their application is almost physical in nature.  Others “Roses" act very much like magic formulas and their use requires a number of steps. But working with any one Rose strengthens the capacity to work with all of the other types of Roses.

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The nature of the class is to practice, practice, practice. Participants work on themselves and on each other. Experiences are shared and competency and certainty develops. And within this class, there is no need to be able to "see" the symbolic rose. It exists in nonphysical form and it performs its function. But it need not be seen. It is the nature of the individual participants that some shall be more evolved in their subtle seeing sense, which another is more evolved in a subtle feel in sense. But regardless, you shall be able to readily and effectively use the Roses for a wide variety of functions. 

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