Hands-On & Hands-Outstretched Healing

The Hands-On & Hands-Outstretched Healing Class is a basic healing class in the Spiritual-Arts Academy curriculum which is available to those who have taken the Foundation Class or can demonstrate a basic competency in grounding, centering, and energy work. This class is presented in a single full day workshop and is augmented by practice days.

The Hands-On & Hands-Outstretched Healing Class provides to the participants a wide variety of experiences in performing, and receiving, hands on healing utilizing various types of healing energies and qualities derived from a variety of different sources. The participant learns to function as a "channel" to the healing energies while being totally present and cognizant of the healing process.  By working in this manner, the healer will not be healing with his or her own personal energy and therefore will not become depleted by performing healings. In actuality, the healer will receive the benefits of the healing energies and thus be "receiving" a healing while "giving" a healing. 

This class is designed to enable the participants to become confidant & and comfortable in performing hands on & hands outstretched healings in their personal and professional lives. The wide range of healing sources used during the class is not only intended to develop in the participants a degree of comfort in working with these specific sources of healing energies and qualities, but also to enable them to feel secure in experimenting with other sources of healing energies and qualities.

The different types of Hands-On Healing presented in the class are as follows:

              ⦿      Holy Spirit Healing

              ⦿      Healing with the Energy from a Solar Double 

              ⦿      Healing using the Christ Force 

              ⦿      Healing with the Spirals of Tintagel

              ⦿      Healing using the God Consciousness Essence 

              ⦿      Healing using the Spirit, Essence & Energy of Mary Magdalena

The different types of Hands-Outstretched Healing presented in the class are as follows:

             ⦿      Healing by being overshadowed by the Mary Essence 

              ⦿      Healing by being overshadowed by the Essence of the Black Madonna 


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