Spiritual Healing Class Offerings

The Spiritual Healing Class Offerings provide the participants with skills and experience to perform various types of healings. Healing is a gift that can be developed and different healers have different manners and specialties in which they work. And often healing is not something that one picks up in a single lifetime, but rather is a path that may be followed by the individual spirit and soul over many lifetimes. The methodology provided by any teacher reflects the direction and development of the teachers and what is presented is a relatively wide variety of modalities and techniques for Spiritual Healing. The classes in this group are: 

     ⦿   Aura Healing; 
     ⦿   Chakra Healing; 
     ⦿   Hands-on and Hands-Outstretched Healing; 
     ⦿   Healing Spirits Worldwide; 
     ⦿   Spiritual Protection; 
     ⦿   Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness; 
     ⦿   Spiritual Psychic Surgery; 
     ⦿   House & Geomantic Healing    

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