Healing Spirits Worldwide

The Healing Spirits Worldwide Class is a basic healing class in the Spiritual-Arts Academy curriculum which is available to those who have taken the Foundation Class or can demonstrate a basic competency in grounding, centering, and energy work. This class, presented in two full days, provides the participants with a wide variety of healing experiences based upon the healing qualities of spirits, entities, and even "gods and goddesses".

Healing utilizing nonphysical entities and spirits has been an aspect of the healing repertoire of many traditions in many parts of the world over millennium. The nature of contacting these sources of healing has traditionally ranged from direct communication to prayer. Sometimes rituals are employed to make the contact. In the Healing Spirits Worldwide Class, Angels shall be called upon to make the connections between the class participants and the the healing agents. The nature of the connection shall allow the class participants to work with the healing spirits in a safe and secure manner. The class participants always maintain their autonomy and seniority in their own space. Work is performed through request to the healing spirits, and the work is performed external to both the healer and healee. These healing spirits never enter into the body or energy field of healer or healee. And, no hands-on healing is performed in this class. All healing is performed by calling the energies or spirits to directly work with the person who is receiving the healing, and it may be a “radiated healing”.

In working with the healing spirits in the Healing Spirits Worldwide Class, the class participants shall begin to develop an understanding of the relationship between healer and healing spirit and how to work safely and effectively. What a participant shall receive from taking this class is both an experience with many forms of spirits and energies and a certainty and confidence in working with healing sources of this type. The participants shall begin to feel comfortable and confident in using these sources for healing outside of the class, and even though a wide variety of sources are used, it may be expected that an individual may find one or two that they prefer to use, possibly using others at a later time. And since the world we live in provides so many possibilities for a spirit source of healing, participants may discover their own sources after having taken this class as his or her journey continues.

 The qualities of the energies and vibrations that the participants shall experience by working with the healing spirits shall range from the gentle, and delightful, to quite powerful. Different situations, healees, and healee needs shall require different qualities of healing. During the Healing Spirits Worldwide Class, the participants shall gain an insight into the difference between the different healing sources, and what healing agent to use in a particular healing situation.

The manner in which the healing sources are presented in the class is segregated by geographic location. These are as follows: Hawaiian; Mexican; Costa Rican; Celtic, Britain; Cantabria, Spain; Native American; Ancient Egypt; Tibet; Brittany, France; Modern American. The spirits, entities, etc. from each area have been chosen because of the class facilitator's familiarity to those spirits through direct experience. And this just represents a small sampling from the huge infinitude of what is available.

Some of the spirits that the class participants shall work with are: the Spirit of Pele from Hawaii; the Green Earth goddess from Mexico; the Celtic goddess Brigid from the British Isles; the White Buffalo Women from Native American tradition; the sphinx from ancient Egypt; and spirits from the spring of Barenton in the Forest of Brocéliande in Brittany, France. And this list is but a sampling.

Class participants work with these spirits as a spirit. People are not only bodies and brains. They are spirits and souls who have incarnated for an experience in life as a human existence. So the individual experiences body, emotions, mind issues on a daily basis. By partaking in this class, the participants shall directly have an experience of themselves as spirit. And his is a wonderful experience to have!   

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