Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness

The Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Class is an advance professional level healing class given in two full days. This class has been designed for those individuals who have completed the High Magic Class as well as the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes (the Foundation Class, Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class, the Psychic Energy Flow System - from Healing to Alchemy Class, and the Focal Point Class).

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The Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Class is based upon the methodology and initiations developed by the late Rev. Joseph Martinez and further developed by Joseph Holzer based on his experience as a healer. In this class, the participants shall be provided with the inner plane connections, tools, and experiences that shall enable them to deal with a wide realm of dark influences that have infected or are effecting a person, place, or object. The methodology utilizes angels, spirit counselors, and/or higher spirits to perform the Cleansing of Sentient Darkness at the request of the healer. As such, the healer does not personally do the Cleansing of Sentient Darkness but rather invokes a Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness through the intermediate powers and steps back to allow the play to occur. No physical action takes place and no physical tools are used; nor is this methodology physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically invasive. By utilizing the higher intelligences to guide the process and by working in a manner that clearly recognizes that the healer is not the doer, the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness is quite safe for both the healer and the client.

The idea of a need for Cleansing of Sentient Darkness is foreign to the ideas of many individuals and may be thought of as a superstition from the Middle Ages. But for those working in the realm of healing, therapy, or with psychiatric patients, the reality of people being taken over by spirits or entities is quite real. And once one is able to accept the possibility of a sprit of entity possessing or influencing an individual, animal, space or object, then the potential of healing becomes possible. Historically, various manifestations of illness (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) and strange behaviors have been properly attributed to entity possession, and a healing of these manifestations has been realized by releasing the person from the influence of these entities. However, one should never forget that illness may also be caused by issues that have nothing to do with spirits or entities. The influence of the spirit or entity may range from slight to overwhelming and the power that the spirit or entity may exhibit range from little power to the very powerful. The techniques and methods vary to deal with spirits and entities of different powers. Also, the play in which an individual becomes subject to the influence of a spirit or entity may be quite varied. For instance, while some possessions may arise after a specific traumatic event, others may entail strong past life karmic connections in which the entities may have been with the individual since birth, or before.

The Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Class provides some important background to the nature of this subject. These include:
     ⦿  identifying signs indicating possibility of entity possession or attachment;
     ⦿  what opens a person for possessions and such;
     ⦿  types of methods developed for clearing dark influences, spirits, etc.;  
     ⦿  the theology and philosophy that Rev Martinez employed in the development of his basic methodology. 
The class looks upon the question of what attracts Darkness and what is the function of the Darkness. And importantly the 
Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Class presents those Angels, Counselors, and Spirits whose function is to clear people, animals, places and objects of the Darkness and of the influences of Darkness.

The participants of the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Class are provided with the initiations and the inner-plane connections to empower them to perform Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness. Each individual will be assigned two Angels of Cleansing of Sentient Darkness  and an Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Counselor for the purpose of performing the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness. Further, participants will be empowered to work with the Buddhist Spirit, Yama.

Within the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Class, participants shall become acquainted with the different types of spirits and entities of darkness, from the simple to the powerful. These are described as to source and function. And the places that the individual may be effected enable a concentration of focus in the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness work. They include the following; 
     ⦿  energetic body - aura chakras;
     ⦿  meridians channels;
     ⦿  the physical body;
     ⦿  the subtle bodies;
     ⦿  the psyche;
     ⦿  body zones;
     ⦿  fused soul aspects.
Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness work may be performed by the Angels and Spirits themselves directly, or through  their application of inner plane rituals. Addition, advanced methods will be presented such as the use of Counter Forces and the Removal of Metaphysical Links with Darkness. The class participants shall also become acquainted with subtle phenomena which may need to be addressed to assure that the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness works to its deepest level. These include:
     ⦿  the recognition of imbedded pieces of self in the spirit or entity;
     ⦿  the recognition of one's own magical creations;
⦿  subtle influences of programmed or created spirits. 
Finally, the participants shall be provided with information and inner work to enable a protection against the darkness. 

Upon completion of the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Class, participants shall have developed a knowledge, expertise, and confidence in dealing with a wide variety of invasive spirits and entities and will be able to expand their own knowledge and expertise through their own study and practice.

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