House & Geomantic Healing

The House & Geomantic Healing Class is an advance professional level healing class given in two full days. This class has been designed for those individuals who have completed the High Magic Class as well as the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes (the Foundation Class, Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class, the Psychic Energy Flow System - from Healing to Alchemy Class, and the Focal Point Class). It is also highly recommended that participants should have completed a number of the Spiritual Arts Academy Spiritual Development Class Offerings and Spiritual Healing Class Offerings. Recommended classes are the Universal Laws - Symbolized and Embodied Class, Spiritual and Magical Uses of Force Fields ClassSpiritual Protection Class, and Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Class.

The House & Geomantic Healing Class is based on the methodology developed by Joseph Holzer in his personal experience of performing House Healings over a twenty year period and employs the basic methodologies and techniques taught in Spiritual Arts Academy classes. Central is the use of the principles and tools of High Magic augmented by the use of laws, clearings, and protections from the Universal Laws - Symbolized and Embodied Class, the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness Class, and the Spiritual Protection Class.  

Central in the work of House & Geomantic Healing is the use of maps which are created for the house, or the space (if there is no house), and the surrounding area. Utilizing the Angels of High Magic, these maps are "enlivened" which is a fundamental expression of the Magical Law of Symbol and Reality. The maps themselves are simple outlines of the space that is being examined. Three types of maps may be used in a House & Geomantic Healing:
    ⦿  a horizontal map that includes the house or land and the a good deal of surrounding area   
     ⦿  a vertical map which includes the some significant aspect above the house and a significant
                         depth into the earth;

     ⦿  a local detailed map of a whole floor of a house or a room
The horizontal map provides a more global view of influences while the vertical map is useful in uncovering influences or interferences from above the house or from within the earth. The detailed maps provide insight to localized influences.

Once the maps are enlivened, then the issues that reside in the map can be intuitively felt or psychically observed. These are then drawn onto the map. This provides the basis upon which the House & Geomantic Healing is performed. These issues can be categorized as either geomatic issues or spiritual issues. To truly perform a healing of any space, both need to be addressed - on alone is not sufficient. 

The geomantic issues can be vortices, lines, or elemental spirits of the following;
    ⦿   electric;
    ⦿   magnetic;
    ⦿   electromagnetic;
    ⦿   fire element;
    ⦿   water element;
    ⦿   air element;
    ⦿   earth element;
    ⦿   ether/akashic element;
    ⦿   air element.
Also examined within the 
geomantic issues are "material" which may be elements, metals, etc.

The spiritual issues may be:
     ⦿   spirits or entities;
     ⦿   ghosts;
     ⦿   gateways (doorways);
     ⦿   force fields (including spells) magically or ritually created;
     ⦿   curses;
     ⦿   "vapors" of past events:
                       - death,
                       - illness,
                       - emotional traumas;
     ⦿   radiation fields;
     ⦿   negatively charged objects;
    ⦿   "nesting" energies

Within the House & Geomantic Healing Class, the participants will work as teams in creating these maps. Visits shall be made to actual locations to practice the art of creating these maps. The variety of issues that may discover are quite diverse and often reveal a story related to the place, current occupants, former occupants, and a history that may have even occurred centuries ago.

Once the maps have been created, the class participants work as a team to clear the items identified in the map. The class participants work with their Angels of High Magic using what they have learned in the previous Spiritual Arts Academy classes to perform the healings and subsequently add whatever spiritual protection that may be of use. And what is amazing is how tangible the changes are within the atmosphere of the house or property and the inhabitants. 

For some past participants, House & Geomantic Healing has become a significant and rewarding part of their own healing practice.  

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