Higher Emotional Force Fields & Super Force Fields - A Stairway to a Consciousness of Happiness

The intention of this two-day workshop: Higher Emotional Force Fields & Super Force Fields - A Stairway to a Consciousness of Happiness is to focus upon a spiritual methodology for raising our emotional vibration so as to experience higher feelings of goodness and happiness. The situation on the planet is, that because of living conditions and general interpersonal interactions, it is difficult for most people just to feel good, good about themselves and good about life. Life presents so many challenges – so many problems, both externally and internally. There are survival issues, financial issues, relationship issues, family issues, interpersonal issues, and so on. There is this crisis, that crisis, and a constant bombardment of bad news and worse news. And so many of us desire to have so much that cannot be fulfilled. With so many sources of stress and tension, how many people wake up just feeling good? 

In this workshop, we shall be employing a spiritual/metaphysical approach to achieving a higher emotional state of Being.  This approach utilizes various forms of metaphysical force fields as a central driving core and various energetic support functions to elevate ones emotional state of being and to raise one’s consciousness so that we may more closely enter into a state of happiness and inner contentment. This workshop is based upon the information presented in a Spiritual-Arts Academy Class: Spiritual and Magical Uses of Force Fields.

The nature of raising one’s state of consciousness has two forms, the transient and the essential. In the “transient” form, an individual realizes that his or her feelings, emotions, mind space is somewhat down. The individual knows that he or she is normally happier, clearer in thinking, more positive. But for reasons known or unknown, the individual is in a down space. The focus then is to raise one’s vibrations out of the pit and into a more stable place. The “essential” relates to the highest frequency one may achieve. It relates to one’s growth and evolution on many levels into a place of peace and equanimity.

Raising one’s vibration is not the end of the story but a step. Once one has for instance raised oneself out of a dip, then comes the potential of discovering, clearing and transforming that which induced the dip. This may relate to energies of another, from a recent emotional interaction, from unprocessed material from childhood, to psychic attacks, and the list goes on. But what is important to note here is that whatever may be the source, the issue is much easier to address from a higher emotional state of being than from the depressed state of being. And if one is growing and evolving, and raising one’s vibration, then it is likely that the “grunge” material will precipitate out and this will need to be dealt with. For this, spiritual tools and spiritual practices are important, because if unprocessed, this growth step may induce a release of grunge which may lead to a feeling of a depression. But once the grunge is cleared and the step is made, a whole new reality may open up to the individual.

Note that the methodology for clearing the “grunge” is not presented in this workshop but rather in other workshops and classes that are taught in the Spiritual-Arts Academy, or and individual may use tools, techniques, and methods provided by other sources.  

Some Background

The first question one may ask is: “what exactly is a metaphysical force field?” Simply, the metaphysical force field is a metaphysical analogy to the physical force field with which we may be familiar. Force fields are a fundamental aspect of the physics of nature. Where there is a force or energy in motion, there is force field. We are most familiar with gravitational force fields and electric magnetic force fields, but force fields may be seen as pressure force fields and light force fields. Metaphysical force fields analogous to the physical force fields exist and may be created in the inner planes: spiritual, mental, astral, etheric, and subtle physical. These are called “Dimensional Force Fields”. 

A second question one may ask is: “what exactly is a Super Force Field?” The Super Force Field is a Dimensional Force Field augmented by an added effect. These added effects have the capacity to change the nature, quality and function of the Dimensional Force Field for special purposes.  

A third important question is: “ how might one create a Metaphysical Force Field?” Actually, there are may ways in which to create a Metaphysical Force Field. Each requires some level of occult, mystical, or other such knowledge. The key is that a Consciousness or Power higher than the dimension of the desired Metaphysical Force Field is required. Some of these sources may be viewed as dark, while other as light. The “Power” to create and activate these Metaphysical Force Fields in this Workshop shall be from a special class of Angels which are specialized in such creations. These Angels may be termed Angels of the Higher Laws or Angel of High Magic. Each participant shall be attuned to a pair of these Angels, and it shall be through these Angels that the Metaphysical Force Field shall be created and activated. An advantage of creating these Force Fields in this way is that it is karmically secure, meaning that the work will only allowed to be performed if it is in the highest path of destiny of the participant.

Specific Force Fields to be Created

Two types of Dimensional Force Fields and four types of  Super Force Fields shall be created during this two-day workshop. The first set of Dimensional Force Fields to be created shall be the Grounding Force Fields. Grounding is an aspect of being “Present” and useful in and after the spiritual work. It is also useful in clearing  grunge and other nonessential energies from one’s space. And it is a good first experience since most people these days are familiar with grounding. We shall create a Dimensional Grounding Force Field for the subtle physical, etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual planes. With these, we shall be able to ground ourselves as a physical body, as a subtle-physical body, as an etheric body, as an astral body, as a mental body, and as a spiritual body. 

The second type of Dimensional Force Fields to be created, and the one central to this workshop, shall be the Higher Emotional Force Fields. The purpose of this force field is simply to lift our emotional state from the state that it is in (perhaps lower than we would like) to a higher state. These too shall be created and activated in the subtle physical, etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual planes. In activating these Higher Emotional Force Fields, we shall have a clear personal experience of their benefit.

The four types of Higher Emotional Super Force Fields that shall be created, each in the same dimensions as the Higher Emotional Force Fields shall be as follows:
      1) Four Immeasurable Thoughts – from the Traditional Buddhist Prayer
      2) Nine Members of the Great White Brotherhood
      3) Seven Buddhist Deities
      4) A team of Nine Lords of Karma 

The Four Immeasurable Thoughts – from the Traditional Buddhist Prayer are:           
      1) May all sentient beings be forever joined with happiness and the causes of happiness;
      2) May all sentient beings be forever free from suffering and the causes of suffering;
      3) May all sentient beings never be separated from the bliss that is free of suffering;
      4) Freed from the confusion of dualistic mind, Ever released from bondage to hatred and desire,
                      May all sentient beings dwell in the quiet joy of equanimity.

The Nine Members of the Great White Brotherhood are:
      1) El Morya of the first Ray;
      2) Lord Lano of the second Ray;
      3) Paul the Venetian of the third Ray;
      4) Seraphis Bey of the fourth Ray;
      5) Hilarion of the fifth Ray;
      6) Lady Master Nada of the sixth Ray;
      7) Saint Germain of the seventh Ray;
      8) Maha of the eighth Ray;
      9) Sanat Kumara of Venus - Shambala.

The Seven Buddhist Deities are:
      1) Medicine Buddha;
      2) Bodhisattva of Compassion;
      3) Bodhisattva of Wisdom;
      4) Mahakala Bernakchen
      5) the White Tara;
      6) the Green Tara;
      7) Kwan Yin.

The Nine Lords of Karma remain unnamed.

Each type of Higher Emotional Super Force Field provides unique qualities which may be utilized  experienced, and explored. 

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